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Orange Blossom - Buffalo Bill’s Brewery, 5.2% ABV, (brewed by Pyramid Brewing, Seattle, Berkeley, Portland)

On the front label:

"Ale brewed with honey; orange peel, natural flavor and orange flower extract added."

  • My Rating: B-
  • Why I might like it: unique orange blossom flavour
  • Who I recommend it to: bitter beer haters
  • Where I got it: W.16th
  • How much: <$15 for 6pack , 2010

Tasting Notes (updated March/2012): pours golden amber, small head, some lacing, good CO2 streams. Strong honey nose, some metallic elements. Sweet orange blossom water up front, candied orange, marmalade, clean mildly sour non-bitter finish. Aggressive 7/10-level sourness is invasive and slightly off-balance at the start.

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